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  1. Please note that the CBT Office Phone rings at School Director Lavinia Reid’s HOME office (Provide the phone number here). The office phone does not get answered on Saturday mornings after 8:30 a.m. Generally, CALL for important questions and issues. However, for small everyday matters, emailMs. Lavinia Reid at: ADRESS????
  2. Students making up a class please make class up at a class LOWER than your level if possible.
  3. Students MUST FOLLOW DRESS CODE (SEE “Dress Code”).
  4. Remember, 3 “L’s” (LATE TO CLASS IN THE ATTENDANCE BOOK) equals an ABSENCE. Then an extra class will be required to make up for the 3 “L’s”. If a student arrives late, after attendance has already been taken, please understand that they may not necessarily be marked Present. Excellence in Attendance is recognized at the CBT School’s End-of-School-Year Performances annual Awards & Honors Ceremony.
  5. Missed classes must be made up by the end of the 3rd week of the next Quarter.
  6. Missed classes may be deducted from the next tuition payment IF the School is contacted before the class(es) to be missed.
  7. Students may take a class at the next higher level as an extra class if attendance at their level is perfect (all missed classes are made up).
  8. Serious students may arrange a more rigorous program – please speak to CBT School Director, Lavinia Reid.
  9. Company Classes on Saturdays are available to qualified non-Company students, with permission from CBT School Director, Lavinia Reid. Email>
  10. Partnering classes are held when feasible, during special Workshops.
  11. Special workshops and Master Classes are made available when feasible.
  12. Pointe Classes are enrichment classes, and do not replace Technique Classes. At least three (3)weekly technique classes are the minimum number of classes per week allowed in order for a student to study Pointe Technique, due to the need for physical and technical strength entailed in this highly specialized dance form.
  13. Ribbons are sewn to the soft ballet slippers of a student close to readiness for Pointe study. Pre-Pointe class is recommended as a pre-requisite study. Please speak the School Director for guidance.
  14. SNOW DAYS are to be made up at the discretion of the parent or adult student- consult with the CBT School Director. A determination is made by 9:30 on Saturday mornings, and by 3:00 p.m. on School Days. Check CBT’s Facebook Page, and/or call the CBT School Phone for a “SNOW DAY” determination.
  15. Private lessons are available, both from regular and Guest Faculty members.